Empowering Brands Through Sophisticated Digital Expression.

Modern social media management, marketing

strategy & content creation.

What I do

Elevate your brand with Englund Social.

Social Media Management

Full management of social channels,

content calendar and analytics reports.

Social strategy

Customized marketing strategy and content guidance to help your brand stand out in today’s market.

Content Editing

Reels, photos, videos, stories, graphics

and more!

Videography →

On site video production for reels, branding, ads, etc.


Branding shoots with products or models to build a collection of content for your online presence.

Social Media Audits

Stuck on what to do online? Allow me to take a deep dive into your accounts and guide you in the right direction.

My Photography

My Videography

Fashion - Lifestyle - Corporate - Beauty

The Numbers

Real client analytics

  • High preforming ads

  • real engagement

  • increase in traffic

across all platforms

Example Feeds

My previous and current client’s social feeds

Luxury Tile SHop

Cleaning service


Aesthetic Geometric Oval Shapes Outline


The Process

My Social Media Management Workflow

Personalized Strategy

After the client has reviewed the welcome package I will begin preparing a specific social media strategy.


We will plan a meeting after the initial proposal is sent to solidify client goals, target audience and expectations.

Content Editing

Once the month’s content is decided & created I will edit all videos/photos.

Content Calendar Approval

A specific calendar curated each month for the client to refer to and approve posts, write down ideas and visualize the feed.

Analytic Reports

Review of the month’s content performance, what worked, what didn’t, what we can do better moving forward.


As the content is posted throughout the month I will monitor engagement on the social platforms.

Torn edges paper

A Bit About Me

Hi! My name is Emma. I am from Kelowna, British Columbia but recently moved to Vancouver to further my education in the Tech & Media field. Englund Social is based on my passion for creation; video, photo, graphics and aesthetics.

With a mixture of analytical strategy and unique content creation I help brands build a name for themselves in this ever-changing social world. Whether you are just starting out and don’t know how to launch on social media or have an existing brand that needs help with engagement, I would love to speak to you about your goals!

-xo @eemma.e/Emma Englund

Owner of Englund Social

Get in Touch

Get to know me, explore your options & ask questions!

I am always happy to chat about your goals & ideal services.


DM me:


Hope to hear from you soon!

— xo Emma